Consultant Vacations

Discussion (7)

  1. tonydott

    The electrical engineer my office uses spends more time on vacation than in the office. Makes for excellent turnaround time.

  2. Sheldon

    It’s hard to find an engineer on a Friday afternoon. Or a principal, for that matter…

  3. Etienne

    One day i send the whole electrical plan in addenda. Engineer are the worst.

  4. DrafterJ

    …and that’s why I get to put electrical design on my resume!

  5. Phil

    most of the time the background is incorrect on our MEP drawings because the architect is making changes the day before the project is to go out.

  6. DoorGuy

    Where is your comic about the architect forgetting to call the consultant (say door and hardware consultant) until the day before the deadline and wants a 250 door project (most likely a hospital or something complex) specified in a single day… You can talk down about your consultants all you want, but communication is a 2 way street even though most architects seem to forget that.

  7. Arrow

    Engineers should feel privileged to work with Architects.