Lost Code Book

Discussion (5)

  1. howard

    Oh, reminds me of George trying to return that book to Brentano’s.

  2. Ben

    That’s the benefit and downside of PDF code books. You don’t have to go looking for it, but you never know where the hard copy has been.

    The one problem I have found with PDF versions of the code books is that it’s much harder to deal with errata and amendments. I wish they would just republish the entire codebook with the updated sections. Anybody have a good suggestion on how they deal with this?

  3. Grapefruitsquirl

    This is my go-to code site. It is free. It has most codes I can think of: IBC, IEBC, IRC, ANSI, IFC, IECC, IMC, a few more, plus several State codes. Quite a helpful resource when trying to copy sections of code for reference on different projects.

    • Tim

      I too have used this a lot. Only big problem is the lack of an index.

  4. Riss

    This is the exact reason I started ONLY using online code books.