What Are We Still Doing Here?

Discussion (4)

  1. Random Architect

    I’ve been at both ends of this spectrum. At one office, the boss would routinely walk around at 4:45 every day to make sure everyone was still there, and if he wasn’t in, sure enough he’d call. At another office, the boss would sometimes tell us to call it a week Friday around 4:00 and let us all go.

  2. RKD

    My office works M-Th 8-6, Fridays are 8-Noon. Making it to happy hour on Fridays is rarely an issue – unless you don’t get your work done during the week & have to stay late.

  3. Guy Smiley

    Duh, schedule your CA work for Friday afternoons…

  4. Bob Barnett

    I had a boss who would do that leaving me and the secretary at the office. As soon as he left one of us would go get beer and we would polish off a six pack by 5:10 when we left. I think he suspected what we were doing but never caught us in the act.