Ted Mosby

Discussion (10)

  1. Knowshon Knows

    We have Art Vandelay to thank for the design of all those…railroads!

  2. DCamp

    Let’s not forget Mike Brady and his bunch or Mr. Ed’s Wilbur

  3. Jajoma

    Spoiler, but he does not get to go through with it, being fired by the Client (at least up to season 3).

  4. tonydott

    In college, we had a magazine subscription in the name of Art Vandalay and Santos L. Halper.

  5. Central Standard

    You know I always wanted to pretend to be an architect!!

  6. RamaFan

    I agree that ‘designing a skyscraper in his 30′s’ is far-fetched; but I always through Ted was uncannily accurate in their description of a young Architects personality.

    He’s dorky and obsessive, he likes to think he’s more sophisticated than he is, and he has an opinion about everything. Sounds like me and most of the architects I know….some of them hide it better but they’re the same.

    • Flit

      really, designing a skyscraper by yourself is far-fetched no matter your age.

  7. SMF

    Unless you are Frank Gehry. Then you take a dump on a sketch book and your done.

  8. Robert

    Sven’s GNB company building, which was in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a lightning bolt coming through the right side of its chest had more design integrity than Ted Moseby’s steaming pile of crap.

  9. Rey Griswell

    Part of the issue is that Robin believes that Ted’s job is boring, and about which he rambles on and on, especially when he’s had a bad day.