Interns’ Last Day

Discussion (4)

  1. Sheldon

    Hmm, what did I learn while working as a student? Oh, yeah – how to file, how to print almost unlimited numbers of drawings on a single sheet of roll stock on the Dietzgen Cutlass, how to change the ammonia cylinder on the Cutlass, how to deliver messages with buck slips to different parts of the office, and how to record field comments on the record drawings and specifications. Valuable things indeed, and undoubtedly why architects are required to be licensed. Seriously, changing a 50-pound ammonia cylinder is definitely a life safety issue.

  2. Tim

    My summer internships were actually a lot of fun and I learned something and got to be a productive member of the team.

  3. George

    The best firms use summer intern programs to identify future employees. It should be about growth for both the intern and the company. The days of using summer interns for cheap, or worse, unpaid labor need to be over.

  4. Robert

    I designed a house extension during my first summer vacation of architecture school. In my second summer vacation I designed an office building. Filing and stuff like that was done by the people who were employed to do the filing and stuff like that. I was also paid.