Discussion (5)

  1. SMF

    I used to call it evidence on what they told me to do and then forgot and tried to blame me when it blew up in their face.

    • Darcy

      Ditto! I love when I’m blamed and I pull out the redline and say, “That’s your handwriting.” Or the emails where I say, “That’s a bad idea” and you say, “Do it anyway.”

  2. David Miles

    I live in Annapolis and I use our old redlines as steamed crab paper (to cover the table when we are eating Maryland steamed crabs). It has nothing to do with crabby clients.

  3. Guitarchitect

    I def use old redlines to wrap presents for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Looks pretty cool

  4. Random Architect

    I’ve gotten in the habit of scanning and keeping PDFs of redlines; they can be invaluable in proving who did what at what time.