NCARB Exam Fees

Discussion (5)

  1. KSUDrummer

    I’m sure if we saw the actual numbers their cover would be blown.

  2. howard

    After paying into the NCARB for 40+ years for “updating” my file; I determined that I could go it on my own. Although, I liked all of the letters after my name. Maybe I’ll just make up some, who will care?

  3. Phlox

    This punch line is very witty. My salary didn’t go up when I got licensed either. Probably because the company didn’t need me to be licensed, it was something I did to keep progressing as a professional.

  4. Deep South

    NCARB = Biggest ripoff in our profession IMHO I’m sure everything is balanced for them saying they make no money ONCE their expenses are included – and their expenses include tons of staff members at nice salaries plus they pay all of the expenses for their board members to travel to exotic locations and conferences several times a year to “meet” and vote on things – not the way I want my money spent!

  5. Flit

    I am pretty sure a good chunk goes to the 3rd party administrators of the test. The only reason I keep my record up to date is it is easier to get a license in a new state through NCARB.