Integrated Licensure Initiative

Discussion (5)

  1. Darcy

    At least they’re still requiring IDP and exams… when I saw the headline I panicked that they would be handing out licenses to all graduates.

  2. Guy Smiley

    As an alumni of one of these schools, and working in the same metropolitan area as it (and another on the list, take a wild guess), I’m not looking forward to the debacle of all these inexperienced plan stampers running around.
    Our state law will have to be amended to allow it, anyway, so there’s still time to nip this idiocy in the bud.

  3. DrafterJ

    So… the line that my school fed me in 2002 when I started there can finally be true? I mean, they ARE on (the top) of the list…

  4. ArchitectQueenBitch

    Ok, the BAC, my college, makes you work full time and attend classes at night. They require the same number of hours and in the same areas of practice as NCARB so frankly every BAC grad has always had the capability to be licensed at graduation. Most of us had 6 years of experience by the time we left that school and were amazing at time management.

  5. Grace

    NCARB has singlehandedly made me give up on trying to get licensed.