Not-So-Long Weekend

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  1. Random Architect

    On a holiday weekend it’s super easy to make up an excuse, “oh yeah, I’d love to but, I’m going out of town for the long weekend.”

  2. Tim

    I saw this on a job posting for an architecture firm in our area: We value family time and then in an interview question they asked, “On Thursday, a long standing client calls you and says that he needs a couple of schemes to show a potential investor for a meeting on Monday morning. You have a project for a new client due Friday that you are starting this afternoon and everyone is busy in the office with other projects so they can’t help you, and you are going out of town this weekend with the family for a quick getaway. How do you handle the situation? With a loaded question like that I decided they didn’t practice what they preached in their firm description.

  3. Central Standard

    Random is on the right trail.

    As far as the intrview goes, always answer honestly, whatever that answer is. Who knows… maybe they are weeding out the fanatical that have weak boundaries.

  4. Grace

    Happened to me :( FML.