10 Reasons to Take the ARE, Part I

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  1. Minnesota Fats

    “5. You can finally call yourself an Architect.” And so can any jerk who programs software! Thanks for protecting our title AIA and NCARB.

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    • Mike

      As the IT/BIM guy working in an Arch firm… this annoys me too, because it is harder to narrow down job descriptions and to hire staff.

  2. M B



    6. NCARB eliminated the term intern and needs money to rebrand everything related to IDP.
    7. NCARB has 10 employees that make salaries ranging from $137,822 to $319,435!
    8. NCARB’s wants your $1500 ARE fee so when you pass, their $75 annual maintenance fee is upped to $225 annually for the rest of your career.
    9. Once licensed, NCARB gets $400 to send your records to every state where you work .
    10. NCARB’s 2008 office space was $765,982 a year, their NEW, LEED-Silver office is $1,305,799, that is almost half a million dollars more a year!

    Next week, we’ll go over AIA dues.

  4. Random Architect

    Minnesota Fats is right on! When I introduce myself at various social events as an architect, half the time people think I’m in software. I tell them, “no I’m a real architect.”

  5. Flit

    You could always quit your firm and go out on your own, if you are unhappy with being treated as in intern, and think you could run the firm better than your bosses. You can’t really do that without passing the ARE.

  6. Phlox

    At least we’re not conscripted into an army, or indentured servants, or apprentices that have to sleep in a coffin like Oliver Twist. It’s the Medieval guild, only new and improved. And we have air conditioning.

  7. Cooter

    NCARB is like the rest of the quasi-government agencies, they are a legal Mafia.

  8. KeeperOfTheFour

    True story, I needed to send Kansas my NCARB record to get licensed but I had stopped using NCARB several years back for being a complete joke. At the time I dropped it, I had found out I could submit my own information to Colorado for half the price as NCARB charged for printing my record, sticking it in an envelope and sticking it in the mailbox. Well Kansas “required” it to come from NCARB so I looked into reinstating. You know NCARB will back charge you your membership fees for all those years you weren’t using it?

    When I asked the guy at NCARB to explain the reasoning for this he said, “Well, if you shut off your electricity the electrical company will charge you extra to turn it back on.” To which I responded, “Yes, but they won’t charge you for five years’ worth of electricity will they? You guys already have my information and someone just has to click a box on a computer somewhere to make my record active again. Hardly $1,500 (that is the maximum back charge amount) worth of work on your end.” Questioning him further, he couldn’t explain it to me the reason for the charges, so I told him to have someone who could to give me a call.

    Later that day, I received a call from him that NCARB was going to waive the reinstallation fee for me. I guess no one at NCARB could come up with

  9. Wightzian

    I got so much crap at work for taking the day off to take my exam. They did not care at all about it and gave me deadlines close to my exam date. I failed that exam and learned to not share with the office about my exam dates. This has improved my passing rate.