10 Reasons to Take the ARE, Part II

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  1. Darcy

    Thanks for keeping me entertained with more NCARB while I wait for the results of my fifth exam ;-P

  2. Guy Smiley

    #10 hits below the belt for the last exam I have to pass… which I don’t like talking about how many times I’ve taken it…

  3. Rick

    between the rolling clock, the 6 month retake and the cost I finally had enough.

  4. Rebecca Retired

    1973–. 3 Excruciating days and 100% of the women taking the test in the State of Ohio that year passed on the first attempt…..If you failed it was 6 months before you could go again……Passed the first time and the rest is history–now retired and taking life much slower!

  5. DavidK

    1986 -Five excruciating days, with the twelve-hour building design exam capping off the week on day five. The site design and building design sections were offered again six months later, but you had to wait until the next year for any of the other sections. Fortunately, I passed all of the sections the first time. Retirement is still along way off, if ever.

  6. Central Standard

    I had most the same experience as DavidK. Passed in ’84. Also took the ones prior where the design exam was offered once a year in June and you had to pass that first before you could take the profession exam. No pressure there. Study materials? Ha-ha-ha!

    As an aside, a month ago I passed the California Supplemental Exam.

    Looks like I will retire when the house in paid off in about 2 years.

  7. CC

    Don’t kid yourselves, people. Architects don’t retire. Though I certainly wish some in my firm would. Get out of the way already with your old-school inefficiency and chemical filled buildings. They are too lazy to be innovative and forward thinking, and too pompous to let it go. So frustrating.

  8. Random Architect

    Quote from the article: “6. Anyone Can Pass This Test – Having completed the process myself, I truly believe that anyone can pass it, regardless of your education or experiences.”

    Wow, I completely disagree with this. The whole point of the exam is to show that you are educated and have experience above and beyond the average joe. If the average joe can pass the architect registration exam, what good is it?