Ambiguous Redlines

Discussion (10)

  1. Sheldon

    Drawing review presents a great teaching opportunity. Simply saying “Do it this way” does nothing to prevent similar mistakes in the future. Always explain why a change is required.

  2. steveR, RA

    The Partner in charge of Architecture at my first job would circle part of the drawing, and then add the note, “Pull your head out!” Thanks, Bob!

  3. Flit

    It’s usually because we get tired of writing the same note over and over again. And it’s usually blatantly obvious, 3/4 of the time, it is the text is overlapping something so it is unreadable. Seriously guys, at least proof your drawings before handing them to me to review.

  4. Phil

    After redlining a detail 4 times an intern asked me “how many more times I was going to mark it up?” to which I replied ” Until you get it right.” I did review the assembly with the intern.

  5. jacaranda

    oh… and in the specs, I often get just a question mark in the margin somewhere. That’s a VERY useful comment.

  6. Brian James

    I once took over the review of red-marks from a manager that had left the company a week prior to my review of what he marked up. All throughout the set I kept seeing “WTF” and didn’t know what that meant. I finally decided to look deeper into the set to try and understand why he kept writing that acronym. I started to see more and more frustrating inconsistencies and I found myself uttering the words……..”Oh that’s what he meant!”. It was then I knew the reason he left the company.

    • Random Architect

      WTF = water table flashing, at least that’s how I abbreviate it!

    • joearchnj

      Funny, I use that for Wall Tile Finish

  7. Florian Heise

    I discovered that I could record audio and embed it into a PDF. My staff were not happy.

  8. Josh

    I hate it when I complete a set of redlines and pass them in for review only to have stuff that was in the first set of redlines and not marked up marked up the second time around. Can’t they just put all their notes down at once?!