Lazy Consultants

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  1. D

    The question then becomes, when do you start working with other consultants?

  2. Ratwar

    If you were expecting a slab to support anything structural, you deserve this.

    • Josh

      could have been a structural slab.

  3. Sonnenbrille

    Agreed with Ratwar… oversight on all sides

    • Flit

      yeah, she should have said footing, but even then existing footings typically can’t support too much more. Odds are the Arch was pushing the owner to get a Geotech involved, the owner finally signed the contract a few weeks before. The Struct was assuming normal soil conditions, borings were made, and they just got the Geotech report back showing some truly poor soil conditions. Struct makes the call to Architect to report the bad news. Arch forgets that the initial footing calc was done using assumed soil capacity, and blames struct for not getting on this sooner.

  4. RamaFan

    Our worst are the plumbing guys. They want you to provide them everything including existing sanitary locations, invert heights, roof plans for just a little gas piping and even tell them ‘exactly’ where that new grease trap can be placed. All this when they ALSO visited the site.

    Then they act all offended when you bit back at them for not checking the code in the local jurisdiction and getting caught by the building official. (Note that the plumbing codes for North an South Carolina and Louisiana are very different.)