Elevators In Old Buildings

Discussion (5)

  1. Guitarchitect

    Unfortunately though, unless a miracle occurs, the Cubbies won’t be winning the 2015 World Series :(

  2. SMF

    Nope, and 3D sharks won’t be scaring bystanders to death either.

  3. CADirk

    When visiting old buildings, bring your own doorhandle with spindle (8×8/9x mm) or universal key.
    And always use the stairs…

  4. Phlox

    And don’t be the last one to use the iffy elevator on the night before a 3-day holiday weekend. ‘Nuf said.

  5. FloridaDave

    The elevator in our building has been known to do this! Procedure is, when bringing up the recycling bin, you push the button, jump out and the bin rides up alone. The elevator is so slow that, after climbing the stairs, you still have to wait for it to get there.