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  1. Guitarchitect

    Here’s a symbol for you…

    👊 *Punches client in the face

  2. Jason

    And why do we always have to make everything so easy for the contractor…. yet I have never once had the contractor make it easy for me.

  3. Error404

    The Curse of COPY+PASTE… if you are not using the symbol, or if the general note does not apply take it off!!!

  4. PSUBill80

    I’m sorry, my Symbols, Legends & Abbreviations sheet is not a scope summary, it is a standard reference. If I’m missing symbols, shame on me. If there’s extra stuff, not my problem. Most of them are industry standard stuff anyway.

    There’s not enough time in the schedule nor fee in the contract for such unproductive stuff.

  5. Jeannette

    Odd. I have always considered it to be a part of my job to get my client the most building for his dollar. Making a set of drawings that is easy for the contractor to read will certainly lead to a tighter bid on the project.

  6. Matt81

    Clients pick at things like symbols and titlebocks when they don’t have the ability to understand the rest of the drawings, but still want to make it seem like they know what they are looking at and they are ‘making decisions’ and ‘directing the work’

  7. Jay

    If your contractor can’t understand industry standard drawings symbols why would you want him constructing your building?

  8. Tim

    I worked at one office where we did work for the Corps of Engineers. They scrutinized every drawing, detail, and note. If it wasn’t needed it had to be removed. They also questioned the size of our drawings. They said that if we switched from 22×34 to 30×42 we could reduce the amount of sheets by 25%. If we added more sheets, they wouldn’t pay to print the extra sheets because it wasn’t in the contract and they even fought about the added fee those details might have added to the project.

  9. Me

    I’m currently working on a project where the client is a municipal agency. In their view the drawings were not for the contractor but for the agency’s use. As a result we had to conform our drawings to their standards which included symbols and abbreviations (often which stood for multiple words) which deviated from industry standard. We were not allowed to add standardized abbreviations or symbols. In addition the drawings had to meet specific font heights when reproduced at 11×17″ . This means our full size construction sets look like the top line of the eye exam chart.

    • Phlox

      Oh my word, that’s ludicrous, like something out of a Monty Python skit. Do these people work for the Ministry of Funny Walks? When they’re spending money from the taxpayers’ wallet I guess they can demand anything. It’s not like time is money or anything.

  10. K

    I’m of the opinion that if something is so generic that it doesn’t get customized from project to project, it’s probably generic enough that it doesn’t add value to the project and doesn’t need to be on the drawings anyway. No symobl legends, no standard abbreviations list, no generic details on my drawings.
    If you can’t tell the difference between a switch and an outlet without a legend, and can’t figure out what conc. means without a list of abbreviations, I don’t want you anywhere near my job site.

    • Dru

      I find this sort of “generic information” is usually for the agency issuing permits and approvals, standard boilerplate for drawings. They have a checklist so you may as well help them check every box to speed the project through. Once a client has worked with a local building agency anywhere, they typically understand that reasoning.

  11. gonk

    We typically customize our HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical legends to what we’re using on the job. It’s just like our specs – if we are doing a just with rooftop units, our specs and legend don’t need to cover chilled water, hydronic hot water, condenser water, or refrigerant piping. It doesn’t take long to do, and I usually do it in two passes – once at the start of a job to get rid of the stuff I know we won’t need, and once at the end to check for loose ends.

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