Attending Meetings

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  1. RamaFan

    Too true. It makes you look even better when your doing the prebid and getting questions from the owner about items that now need to be on an addenda that the boss goes: ‘oh, yeah! I forgot to tell you about those.’

    By far the biggest question, however, is: Who still uses outdated EPDM?

  2. SMF

    “By far the biggest question, however, is: Who still uses outdated EPDM?”

    Apparently a firm that makes most of its money from cheapskate clients that mostly only do restroom remodels.

    • Joearch

      Some of them are the cheapskates you mentioned, others don’t trust anything that hasn’t worked in their specific climate for 50 years, especially with the troubles TPO had a few ago, and are wary of new products (new meaning anything that has come along over the course of their career).

    • willdesginforfood

      What’s wrong with EPDM? TPO and PVC still have a price premium around here…

  3. RamaFan

    @willdesginforfood – EPDM’s market has been contracting for more than a few years now so manufacturers are contracting and / or getting out of the business. Which means fewer people to enforce or provide service for warranties and much less innovation in that market.

    EPDM is also naturally black which means they have to bond it with a white colored outer-layer to make it white to meet new energy codes. This can cause a price premium and provides another point of possible failure.

    Don’t get me wrong; it was as good a roof as TPO for many years…perhaps even better in many cases…but it’s on the way out.

    TPO had allot of trouble a few years back but they continue to improve and expand the market. Part of it is the lower cost and part of it is that they have finally started making roofing that is performing well (at least as well as any other).

  4. JB

    He’s right! If you’re part of a team and there was a meeting, get the download!!

  5. jacaranda

    Actually, EPDM has a good market share in some parts of the country and has a thirty year track record. All the major roof manufacturers make EPDM, (you don’t want a membrane from a marginal manufacturer) TPO has a wider temperature range for application, and for a long time only TPO came in 16′ wide sheets (a savings in labor) but EPDM now comes in the larger sheets. TPO is a less expensive membrane, and its having some problems with UV exposure.
    All white roofs are only as good as the black part of their membrane. TPO is a black membrane, too , with a white topcoat. PVC is a color-through membrane.