Day Of The Week

Discussion (6)

  1. Edward J Shannon

    Ahhh Friday…..only 7 more days til the weekend! ;)

  2. JB

    Honestly? I love what I do, and is the sentiment of most of my colleagues. I’m not really sure who writes these strips, but they don’t really seem to reflect the reality of this industry.

    • ArchAddict

      Really? Because sometimes I feel like my Co-Worker is writing these…..

    • Joearch

      There are days when it feels like that to me, and days where I wonder if I can skip weekends and do this every day. Mainly, there is the abject terror that it is already Thursday and there is a deadline lurking at the close of business on Friday… ah, adrenaline.

    • Darcy

      If you don’t find them funny, you’re free to not read them.
      I love what I do, but I still see the humor here. Not a day goes by where I don’t see some variation of at least one of these comics somewhere in real life. If that doesn’t happen for you, lucky you, but try not to kill the joy for the rest of us!

    • Fett

      There are days where I feel they set up surveillance on my office, then just draw what happened that day. *looks around for cameras*