Unpaid NCARB Fees

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  1. deep south

    NCARB got their last penny from me the day I got my license – I refuse to pay anything for their ridiculous non-service

  2. Anne C.

    I’ve always compared NCARB to a traditional protection racket. “Nice credentials, pity if something happened to ‘em.”

  3. guysmiley

    I went to re-up my record after 3 years of unemployment in 2012. I had let it lapse prior to the transition to the 6 month rule, and had been logging my hours in bulk the old fashioned way… (lost them all, my own fault). So my record was effectively empty. They wanted the fees from those 3 years, told them to shove it.

    Then they offered to waive the fees for everyone that had let their records lapse if you re-up’d, so I took advantage… IDP done, again, and 1 exam to go…

  4. DrafterJ

    And people ask me “J, why don’t you look into taking the exams?” This is just one of a dozen reasons why I just don’t want to be an Architect anymore.


    Wait til they find out what AIA dues cost and how “usefu” that is…..