Too Busy To Leave Early

Discussion (5)

  1. dweller

    My boss didn’t even come in today…but expects us to work a full day today!

  2. Josh

    I’m taking Friday off, but doing so means I get to not do two stints of driving tomorrow, but work on Saturday because I have a Dec. 31st deadline.

  3. tonydott

    That’s why you become the boss.

  4. Lee Jay

    Before a long weekend or thanksgiving, we can leave at 1 pm if we all come on at 6 am……. Well that didn’t last long.

  5. D

    Our owners often let us leave early the last working day before a holiday, but somehow there’s always something that can’t wait to be completed before I go… This is a bad sign, isn’t it? I guess it means we’re not short on work, though.