Getting Bonuses

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  1. Catherine

    This is my second year running without a bonus.

    ….But since they weren’t able to give us a financial bonus, my boss decided to close for the holidays from Dec. 24th through Jan. 1st. So… money, but hey, we get an extra week of vacation.

  2. deep south

    First year in over 20 years of practice where I am not receiving a Christmas/end of year bonus – pretty depressing

  3. Vic Van Meter

    It’s not surprising. Our incomes are a cost of doing business and I know our firm is just too small. It’s hard to squeeze enough money out of our clients to make a lot of extra overhead.

    … Doesn’t make it any less annoying…

    • Matt81

      Funny, but i never see law firms, accountants, advertisers, or doctors “not being able to squeeze enough money out of our clients” beyond what it takes to scrape by. For some reason, we eneded up being one of the only professions that is unable to set its own rates and stick to them.

  4. Rafael

    Jeez… you guys really suck at making jokes.

  5. E

    Got more bonuses in my first three years working for a L.A., than i have the next 14 years in Architecture… Good depressing comic for a Monday, haha.

  6. Correcting Selectric II

    The only real skill these whiny pricks possess is how to effectively avoid work. They’re lucky to even get the card.

  7. Fat Bob

    I didn’t get a bonus this year but at my annual review I was told that I would be receiving a larger pay rise than normal due to me being an all round clever shite. So, swings and roundabouts.

  8. K

    I don’t even get a card. No raise either, even though they upped my billing rate! Apparently I’m now worth more to the clients, but not them?

  9. Arrow

    I got a pay-rise and a bonus. Good to see all those reductions in staff numbers paid off for me.

  10. Guy Smiley

    Finished IDP this year. Finished AREs this year. Landed more new clients this year. Got the most exposure for the firm of any of the other employees this year.

    No raise. No bonus. No benefits. No chance I’m sticking around for another month, let alone year.