Quick Sketches

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  1. Correcting Selectric II

    Forever an unassertive, beta, cuckold.

  2. Edward J Shannon

    What saddens me most about this is that the typical (cramped) architect work station does not facilitate free hand sketching very well. Nor does it accommodate hard line sketching. Both of these skills are invaluable to the graphic communication necessary for a thorough design process. So, like the scenario depicted above, someone expects a quick sketch, yet the realities of CAD/BIM are that EVERYTHING must be drawn to the EXACT! In order to do a presentable, accurate sketch, one must be able to tape down a drawing that is orthogonal. Try finding tape, triangles etc. I realized this and brought in my own small (18″x24″) table top drawing board with parallel rule. The younger colleagues snicker, yet I can cycle through many quick ideas that can never happen in CAD/BIM alone. ARCHITECTS NEED TO DRAW!

    • Ken Crutcher

      Make a drawing. Then refine it with drawings tools(t-square or mouse)

  3. SMF

    Scan it into Adobe and trace it to hard lines.

    Funny thing is, used to be LISP routines that would turn your CAD file to look like a freehand sketch.

  4. Fat Bob

    Carry a notepad and write down every instruction you receive. Shove it under your boss’s nose when he contradicts your assertion that he’s a lying ass.
    Do everything in autocad so it is accurate and click the napkin sketch button – adjusting for messiness as desired.

    • SMF

      In my experience, napkin is not that great, even set to “messy”. I remember the old “Squiggle” LISP. Now that was an awesome tool.