School Closings

Discussion (5)

  1. Ratwar

    Sometimes this comic is funny.

    Other times it is scary.

    This one is scary.

  2. SMF

    “I don’t think I show come in today…”?

  3. ArchGuy

    They obviously need to invest in a VPN client to allow those workers to continue working from home.

  4. Error404

    Reminds of a client that was really upset that we cancel his appointment.

    Sir we are under state of emergency, the roads are closed!!

    • Darcy

      That happened to me once; the client said if we didn’t show up we were fired. We went, were lucky enough to not get pulled over, and I started to see the problems in the company…. (Oh, and just to top it off, I was horribly ill and probably shouldn’t have been anywhere but home anyway.)