When Clients Try To Design

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  1. rekleiner

    Yeah but architects just draw pretty pictures of buildings…. Anyone can do that!

  2. HK

    Once we had a client’s rep (project manager) who was an architect. He came to a meeting and started drawing.
    My boss told him to stop drawing: “In this project you are the client, I am the architect. You tell me what you want, I draw. If you want to draw, fire me and draw it yourself.”

  3. t.architect

    I swear…Maverick and Joker must work at 115 Fifth Ave
    I didn’t know they work on the same project…

    from a devoted fan…thanx for the chuckle…

  4. Joearch

    My favorite was a project where the client gave us what they swore were accurate as-builts with their desired layout in ACAD. We went out to the field and did a quick measure up in a room because the project included equipment with specific clearance needs, and found a wall was 2 feet closer than we had been told. We asked the client about it, and he admitted that he may have stretched the existing floor plan a bit to make his sketch work…

    • GuySmiley

      This. 1000x this. The struggle and pain is too real.

  5. Amay

    I send links to my office for every comic that rings true to our struggle–which are so many!–and everyone loves them. The only complaint it, it’s just too real, painfully too real :)

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