The Death of IDP

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  1. Pat

    This change is all due to the younger generation not wanting to be “Interns” is just so degrading they say!! Please! Smh…

  2. Ben

    They could have at least named it the Architectural apprenticeship program, because it’s more like being an apprentice in the days of yore

  3. Phlox

    Hahahahahaha, 12 months for 3 letters! If private practitioners operated at that rate, we’d all be living in mud huts and getting our water from puddles. Bureaucracies. Bah!

  4. Tim

    This is why we pay $200/year to rent a file folder in Washington, D.C. And $400 each time we want its contents (which we did all the work compiling) transferred to a different state.

  5. Deep South

    What progress !! I’m sure its completely justified – LOL Probably 7-8 meetings by dozens of committee members all at expensive resorts all across the country to make this CRITICAL decision – at our cost of course

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