Architectural Experience Program

Discussion (9)

  1. Josh

    Survive Value Engineering w/design concept still intact: 50 XP and move up a level.

  2. Mike

    Saving throw renders change order ineffective.

  3. SteveR

    LOVE IT!!!

  4. SteveR

    So….it would be like, “I’m a third-level roof detailer.” “I’m a ninth-level door scheduler.”

  5. Fett

    I don’t even know how many guilds I would be a part of!

  6. Arrow

    Just like in World of Warcraft you get XP for grinding… which is every day in Architecture.

  7. Wolf

    It’s Dungeons & Dragons, not Dungeons and Dragons, please fix.

  8. Michael

    With my Scale of Justice on my main hand my Intellect has a +12 boost.

  9. Vic Van Meter

    Detailing buffs plox?