Team Player

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  1. Matt

    Why does Franklin (or Newberry) still have a CRT on his desk? Partners always get the newest & best technology, that they never use.

    • smh

      Not in the places that I have worked…but then I have been the IT guy as well in most places. The production side has always had the better equipment.

    • Flit

      I don’t think it is a CRT, i think it is just the angle you are looking at the monitor. Unless it is a 12″ CRT, then maybe.

  2. Josh

    Or when a boss dismisses one of your design concepts, but when he pitches it later it is the way to go….

    Another reason why I need to make the leap and start my own firm.

    • Flit

      Do it, now is the best time to start. It is probably going to be a lot more work than your used to, and you won’t get paid as much for a while, but at least you have full responsibility for everything. The thing I miss most about not working for myself, is the knowledge base of the other people I worked with. Particularly when I was trying to learn something different. I wish I still had those resources.

  3. Tim

    Time to look for another job!!!

  4. Greg

    If one had any crust, they might say, “Yesterday you said you liked the facade schemes. Uh, thanks for throwing me bus.”

    Depedning on how crusty one is that could be done during the meeting with the client or after.

  5. Arrow

    No doubt the client wants a Neo-Classical revivalist scheme…