Consultant Standards

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  1. CC

    “… are they still using CAD?!!”

    • Ric


  2. RamaFan

    I don’t hate the colors so much as I hate the people that can’t close a da$* polyline, not round their dimensions and not explode hatches.

  3. ArchGuy

    Or those offices that still use the old color pen tables. As if any modern printing shop or plan house still prints with an actual pen plotter.

    Also *cough*national cad standards*cough*

    • Jerry

      The CSI-UDS is 20 years old. It uses pen-settings / plot-styles. If you want line widths & types / readable two-dimensional prints, you’re going to have to define the lines. That process, defining and documenting the model, the deliverable being prints, is called drafting.

  4. SMF

    ^ THIS!