Architectural Record

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  1. S

    I get it for free. Even after the AIA switched to Architect, Record keeps mailing free samples to me.

    • ncmyk

      Yes – I keep getting the letters to subscribe at a reduced rate, yet ever since the switch I’ve gotten a free copy at home and two at the office. Brilliant!

  2. jenn

    I used to have a colleague give his old issues of design/trade magazines to me too. 20 at a time, every few months. To be fair, he usually reads some of them first. Thank goodness he never tried to discuss the articles with me, the magazines usually sat at my desk for a couple months then went into recycling to make room for the next batch.

    • Phlox

      We drop off our old magazines at the laundromat (after cutting out the address).

  3. Flit

    Yep, that’s me, I feel like I will miss something if I don’t subscribe, but never get a chance to really look through it. I used to at least do the CE stuff, but now i just do that online.

  4. Jerry

    Production precludes development. Typical. Terminally postpone paying tomorrow’s dues because today’s are never satisfactorily met ~ (Liberal Arts majors!) You know, periodicals are mostly reporting trends & events from last quarter- so you’re not foregoing tomorrow’s planning, or even keeping-up with current goings-on – in fact you are dismissing ever catching-up with recent history! (Ya, I do it too- and worse, instead of tossing them, I pack-rat and store tons of “junk mail” that will likely be thrown-out by my “heirs”!)