AIA Keynote Speaker

Discussion (8)

  1. dscwmitchell

    It is the epitome’ of our current american society. Celebrity has more status than actual experience or knowledge. I want to move to Costa Rica.


  2. ryhane

    Whenever some random guy tells me he thought about being an architect, or that he wanted to be one, I usually say something to the effect of, “Oh, did you want to work for Art Vandelay one day? He’s my favorite architect.”

  3. Random Architect

    Being an architect is like being an astronaut – everyone thought of becoming one once.

  4. Ron Geren

    …, but weren’t smart enough to escape when we had the chance.

  5. Fett

    tbh Kevin Spacey is a pretty good advocate for “the craft” (not the movie, you wish though). Saw some YouTube videos that he was in, wasn’t very pandering at all. Now if he could just get us to get a decent design fee…

  6. willdesginforfood

    Let’s talk about AIA’s jerkface move of putting Rem Koolhaas’ keynote on Saturday at 2:00PM to force everybody to stick around. Arrrgh!

    Sigh, I’ll probably stay though.

  7. ArchAddict

    OR They know that they Architects cant miss work to goto some stupid convention and that many people will buy the 1-day pass for Saturday. For those working class Architects they will actually get to see Rem Koolhaas instead of Kevin Spacey….

  8. Joearch

    To paraphrase Babe Ruth, Kevin Spacey had a better year last year…