Old Product Binders

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  1. Dru

    You know what would actually be useful instead of product binders (since the interweb exists)? Friggin’ price lists!

    If I want a CEU and lunch and learn I can be on the phone and get 10 reps lined up in 30 minutes. If I want to know how much a lighting fixture costs with options I could email the same reps the part number and product description and NEVER HEAR FROM THEM ON PRICING.

  2. Jeannette

    Now this guy I know. All the current binders were in a 4′ high pile in my first boss’s office. The entire basement was crammed with out of date stuff.
    I don’t allow any binders in my office, unless they are in a project file, and then they have to be scanned before they can be archived.

  3. Lee Jay

    We have several years of Sweats Catalog on the shelves.

    • willdesginforfood

      Sweets catalogs are essential gear for gluing up (and weighting down) those topo contours on your next model. ;)

  4. OldTimer

    We use Sweets to raise our second monitors up to match the big screens.

  5. Steve Rieck

    It was approximately 1996, and we were cleaning out binders. We found a Trane heating/cooling catalog that still listed a regional office in Saigon, Vietnam. (For you younger readers, and those bad at history, Saigon was captured and renamed by the North Vietnamese in 1975.)

  6. Mickey-A

    All you need in your product library is samples, everything else Google.

  7. jacaranda

    I worked for a consultant who kept 30 year old binders in a file room — and if I finally did convince him to toss the contents, he required me to wash off the lettering with kerosene so he could reuse the binder for project data.
    I secretly threw out two binders a week in the trash pickup.

  8. joearch

    Best decision we ever made, getting rid of all of the binders and only keeping the samples, and using the websites when we need info. We’ve even gotten the reps to buy into that.