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  1. Bart Savagewood

    You guys have a microphone in my office, right?
    I was literally screamed at yesterday (Thursday) morning for being late. I guess the three all nighters I put in over the last two weeks (including one Tuesday into Wednesday) don’t factor into the equation. Employee morale? Uncheck…

  2. archiknit

    8PM? Thats my usual departure time! Staying late means 11 PM or later. And even then, I’m expected to come in no later than 9:00 AM the next morning.

  3. jacaranda

    Architect’s understanding of how people get paid:

    if you work overtime, you are salaried and therefore don’t get additional pay.

    if you leave early for some reason, you are suddenly hourly, and have to take a cut.

  4. Jerry

    I get 12 hours off. I’ll be happy to work until midnite, but don’t expect to see me until noon. And if I work thru until starting time (8am), I’ll leave at 9 and charge for the day. And if I’m belittled for coming-in at 8:15, I will damn sure vanish by 5:15. I don’t work thru lunch, unless lunch is provided. And if my hours are over-budget, the budget was short- talk to the PM (or the hand, your choice).
    The last place I worked sucked more than any other ever, but they were fair about salary pay. My idiot boss did, however, make a habit of pinning me down to promise all kinds of work “by the end of the week”, then almost immediately inform me of several 1/2 or full day meetings during the week- at which point I would say, “COB Friday is the same as first-thing Monday, can I have a key?”
    And, screamed-at Monday? Call in sick Tuesday! And don’t expect to get notice when the time comes!
    Clients make unreasonable demands and throw tantrums. Their job is to get the most bang-for-the-buck, per project. They can get another vendor on the next job, no prob. Bosses are idiots when they expect to get-away with acting like clients & treating their firm like a contractor team.