Last Minute Cancellation

Discussion (5)

  1. Tim

    How about when I client doesn’t show up for a public bid opening?

  2. Jerry

    So, it’s the client’s fault that the PM let the client talk him into an unreasonable deadline, and he didn’t organize resources to get the check ready in time, and the whole team was in a panic all morning, including starting a 40 minute print job 20 minutes before the meeting? S.O.P. Seen it a hundred times ~ If the PM / PA job is one of such great responsibility (that it commands 6-figure pay), how come they never Take responsibility when things go south?

    • cadmunki

      because I have a 5-figure pay that starts with a 3

    • Minnesota Fats

      Where do you work and do they have any openings for those six figure jobs? I have never heard of PA’s getting that kind of money.

    • Flit

      I think Project managers who work for Owners (Not Architects) have 6 figure salaries.