Crazy Project Budgets

Discussion (5)

  1. KSUDrummer

    What a waste of taxpayer money! It’s stark and cold with no human scaling and nothing inviting. This is the type of design that led me to change majors from Architecture to Interior Design, to actually design the spaces people use instead of just giant cold forms.

    • Fett

      Riiigggghhhtt. Cause every project is a cold and deadless form. I could say every interior designer basically sets a bomb in the middle of a pier one and calls whatever sticks to the walls boutique design.

      Lots of variation everywhere. Also a lot of depressing beige too.

  2. Guitarchitect

    I read that it is +/- 800,000 sf…so really a deal at $5,000/sf… :/

  3. Art

    KSUDrummer have you been in the space? Or is this an opinion without experience? Just wondering.

  4. AndrewM

    Calatrava does leak better than any other starchitect, so we may yet see a project where the repair bills continue for years to the point of approaching the original construction budget, and the finger pointing continues for decades.