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Discussion (5)

  1. Fat Bob

    If she gets the job will she gradually fade to gray, and eventually black as her life and soul is sucked out of her by working at an architect’s office?

    • Jerry

      I ALWAYS pity the intern interviewees — I desperately want to tell them, “RUN! Run Fast – Run FAR! Run to another major!”

  2. Wild at Heart

    If she was pretty it explains why he was interviewing her. Some architects do that all the time. Seriously.

  3. tony

    I just recently got promoted to “Architect” in my office, even though I’ve been licensed for 4 years. It took them that long to authorize an “Architect” job title. Until now, everyone was a designer except for the bossman.

    • Error404

      Why the change? Did bossman realized he can bill your hours at a higher rate with a fancier title?