Discussion (8)

  1. Nibster

    All of them.

    He seems like the kind of person who redlines details with “What is this?” and a leader. I’d put that on the review set! Those knobs rarely follow up personally and also forget what their confusion was at the time when the set gets reprinted.

    • Jerry

      ^^Bingo – perfect. I absolutely lose my mind over that incompetent shit!!
      Goes right along with incompetent supervision and incompetent management: judging productivity of employees by how often you “catch” them taking a break, and not having an immediate, tactile understanding of task and project production and progress. We know what the “A” stands-for in “Type-A personality”.

  2. Fett

    ^”A” is for Aardvarks?

  3. Srieck

    What the hell do they have in all those cabinets in the break room?

    • Tim

      I am more interested in why the bottle of dish soap is so important that it is a ‘black’ object instead of just an outline.

    • steve

      And the paper towel roll is full. That can’t be right.

  4. Tom

    I used “print screen” keyboard of an project in AutoCAD or Revit.
    Then I used as wallpaper and hide all commands bars and icons or open the Windows viewer and put image in “screen size mode”.
    Who would use to drawing thought the OS crashed.

  5. Joearch

    ctrl+alt+left-arrow (an oldie but a goodie).