Office Thermostat

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  1. rekleiner


  2. Lancelot

    You think that’s bad, try working for an MEP Engineering firm that rents their office space. At one employer we could have taken out all the ceiling tiles and done a class on what not to do with the MEP. Very long flex duct runs everywhere, plenum return with ethernet cable (surely not plenum rated) laying directly on the ceiling tiles, etc. At one point they had a thermostat policy, thinking they were going to save money on their gas/power bill. I bet they had a dozen or more electric heaters under peoples desks running all winter that year. Another employer is a smaller firm and only has two zones. One has reception (exterior space), the conference room (corner exterior space), several exterior offices (including the President), and a couple interior offices. Guess which room got the thermostat. One of the interior offices of course.

    Either it’s “We didn’t design this building” or “Do as I say, not as I do”.

    • Joearch

      At least you guys have roof insulation – the last time our roof was re-doneour landlord was too cheap to put in any more then the minimum needed to achieve the counter slope for drainage, so half of our office uninsulated… the joys of leasing from family members.

  3. RamaFan

    We had those problems, the we baught an old builting and inherited problems.

  4. RamaFan

    So I can’t delete the older comment….

    We had those problem, then we bought an old building (1800′s old) and inherited a bunch of problems.

    The lawyers we bought from hadn’t done a renovation since the 80′s so: ‘hello pink wall covering and gold faucets’.

    We (and by we I mean ‘the bosses’) decided to do a ‘staged’ renovation. We renovated the top floor for our use which was mostly one new unit (of the three that needed replacing) paint, flooring and some cheeeeep lights that burn-out all the time.

    Meanwhile we waited two years for new windows to replace the rotten (and I mean rotten…with fist sized holes), and then finally, seven years after our move, we renovated the bottom floor and replaced the other two failing units.

    Meanwhile we have to explain to clients why they can’t find us because in the seven first years we didn’t have a sign on the building and hand’t removed the lawyers one.

    About two months ago…nearly nine years after moving we got a tiny sign on the first-floor which nobody comes in through (we have a much more used second floor entry).

    • RamaFan

      Oh, and we still haven’t renovated the restrooms…so the pink wall-covering and gold faucets remain.

  5. Maya

    It’s a thing in all offices. Freezing in the mornings, too hot in the afternoons

  6. KeeperOfTheFour

    I had an office I started working at shortly after they had moved into a new space. In the winters it was always really cold in the mornings and took most of the day to heat up. The owner only realized after a year of being in the office that they hadn’t received a gas bill yet (because they had never turned it on) . We went a whole winter without any heat besides that given off by electronics and people.