Construction Administration: Code Question

Discussion (4)

  1. SMF

    Amen! The IEBC has saved our bacon a few times in the past.

  2. David

    Only works if the jurisdiction uses the IEBC.
    What I am familiar with is that places that don’t use the IEBC usually go by “as long as it was code when it was built” and as long as you are not making a change that affects that portion.

  3. ArchAddict

    Usually in CA i’m defending my designs telling them “no… you cant mount the sink that close to the toilet…. No that was in 2004 ADAAG…” or “You have a 5A building not 5B building that means you have to wrap everything that is bearing in some kind of fireproofing.. yes including columns…”

  4. PB

    In the UK there is a get out for existing buildings that says basically “it doesn’t meet the standard but it is closer to compliance than if we didn’t do the project” then it is a bit of an argument as to how much closer “closer” has to be to use the get out clause…