Office Accessibility

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  1. Catherine

    If only it was that easy! You can’t get away with that in Texas. Any project over $50,000 has to be registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and undergo a Texas Accessibility Standards Inspection upon completion.

    The fines for not fixing flagged violations are RIDICULOUS.

    • Flit

      That actually seems easier, Most places I have done work in require 20% of renovation to go toward accessibility.

  2. Riss

    Our office is technically accessible. However, we do not have a restroom, and the restrooms in our building are not. The stalls are so small I got stuck inside one while pregnant. :-/

  3. ArchiHorn

    I worked at a previous firm where we were on the second floor and did not have an elevator, only stairs. One day we had a rep come to give a lunch and learn and he was in a wheelchair. A colleague and myself had to carry him and his wheelchair up the stairs. When he left, he went down the stairs backwards him self while holding on to the handrail. We were worried that the handrail would not be able to hold him but thankfully it did.

  4. Random Architect

    In our office we have a small locker room with one shower for when someone wants to take a jog during lunch. When we renovated our office, they made us renovate the locker room to be fully accessible, complete with roll-in shower and all the accessories. It’s been years now and nobody has ever needed it, and nobody probably ever will.

    • Flit

      Couldn’t you have done a transfer shower? (ansi A117.1: 608.2.1)

    • Pierre

      Random Architect, are you sure that any staff members actually did exercise, cycle or run in order to use the shower that you put? Lol.

  5. Rick

    We moved into an office building built in the 70′s. We’re on the 2nd floor with no elevator.

  6. Rebecca The Retired

    My last office (and my longest employer over the years) was not compliant-old building, tiny restrooms, a step at the entrance, interiors was up stairs. One of our consultants had a bad accident and it was very hard to get him into a meeting-he fought hard as his long recovery was quite a challenge. People have no idea how hard it is to make an old building compliant without gutting it! Our projects were always designed to be compliant and it was a challenge!

  7. Dawn

    This is why with every and any project the design should always go above and beyond the current building code standards for accessibility to last longer functionally. I recently was designing a building under business and personal services category but mostly used the requirements listed under care and treatment and even went beyond those standards. The difference was huge and benefited all users.