Sweet Gig

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  1. HK

    Golf meetings. Someone’s gotta attend. He is suffering on behalf of the firm.

  2. Jalop

    Sounds like our office project manager…

  3. DV

    In our office, we always joke, ‘come in late, leave early and take a long lunch to make up for it’!

  4. Minnesota Fats

    I used to work in an office in the center of a large city. One of the principals used to come in at 10:00 am, put her briefcase on her desk and then go shopping at the nearest major department store for a couple of hours. She would then come back in, check her messages, go to lunch and then leave for the day. Its good to be the queen. I worked there for over six years and she brought one project into the office.

  5. Flit

    Let’s see, this morning, I had a 7:00 construction meeting, came into office after meeting at about 9:45,this afternoon, I have a 5:00 client meeting, and will leave the office by about 4:00 to make it. I will probably be done with my meeting by about 6:30, so about an 11.5 hour day But yeah, from my employees perspective, I came in at 10:00 and left at 3:30, oh, yeah, I haven’t had a weekend off all year… yeah, you don’t want this.

    • mcl131

      I’m not a principal, but one of the design heads in our CM/Design-Build Office. We’re typically in by 7am, unless I have a meeting an hour away, so I could show up at the office around 10am from a construction meeting. I have an 11am meeting, a 1pm meeting, and a marketing event at 6:30. So yeah, my employees might not see me in the office until 10am, and taking a 2 hour lunch, but I’m also working until 9pm to get all the work done, plus office management like invoicing, file management, oh and looking at your work to make sure it’s done correctly. And weekends? Holidays? Vacations? Yeah, those all include several hours of work, responding to emails, making sure things continue to move forward. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, and I’d much rather have a 9-5 like these people…

  6. SMF

    Owner walks in at 10:30 am “I had a productive meeting”, as she drops her Cross-fit bag behind her desk.

    Owner leaves at 11:30 for lunch and doesn’t return until 1:30 “Got caught on a conference call in the parking lot at lunch”.

    Owner leaves at 3:30pm “I have a meeting, I’ll be back.”

    Owner calls in to see if she has any missed calls and says “Meeting ran long. I wont be heading back in.”

    Next morning, at 10:30, owner rushes in (drops bag behind desk) and then proceeds to bump people off projects they were scheduled on for them to rush out a schematic plan that she forgot to do in the 3 hours she was in the office the day before, all while complaining about how she has 55 hours scheduled, and still doesn’t have time to do all that she needs to do. Then goes out to lunch at 11:30…rinse and repeat…

  7. Phlox

    Ha! And this from the characters that hide out in Starbucks, leave early when the boss isn’t around, do taxes on office time, lie about what they’re working on, and for all we know, watch ball games while “working.” My bosses can be out of the office as much as they want, because he and she keep bringing in cool jobs, and I’m grateful. I don’t want to have to hobnob, so if they need to go to meetings during the day to keep the work rolling in, more power to ‘em. I’ve seen lean times, and a boss that can keep clients and find new ones is a good thing. Party on.