Plotting Close To a Deadline

Discussion (8)

  1. SMF

    …and then everyone gets back from a GREAT lunch!

    • Mindirella

      ….and doesn’t believe you when you tell them what happened. Yah right, you were on Facebook that entire time….

  2. Error404

    The plotter always runs out of paper or toner in the worst possible moment…. But then if you think about it; every time you are using the plotter is because something needs to be done ASAP!

  3. iGetIt

    …and then you have those two sheets in each set that didn’t print properly, and you can’t figure out why.

    Once again, we see the reason that a printing company should be used for final prints, especially when PDF output is better for fidelity of the final print.

  4. Id10t Operator Error

    Try nursing a pen plotter for hours and hours – making sure the ink in one or more pens doesn’t run out mid-plot. Or even better yet, try watching an original (that means hand drawn) mylar or vellum get caught in the print machine and slowly tear in half before your eyes. Oh yeah, I’m THAT old.

    • David

      I know that pain!
      I had to use a local print shop, that didn’t see too many blulines, and watched in horror as the print got eaten by the machine. They had the amonia up too high and it was actually wetting the paper.
      Thankfully it was just the print and not my vellum that got soaked and wrapped around the roller.
      But it was painful to watch.
      And of course it was a rush job, or else I would have used my regular printer.

  5. Central Standard

    I’ve found that if it not something that is needed for immediate in office use, much more than 8-10 prints it is more efficient to send them out. I can do what I do best and the print company can do what they do best.

  6. Anssi

    Usually people seem to think that when paper or ink runs out when they are printing, it is part of the larger mathematical dilemma called “Somebody else’s problem”, and the best solution is to keep silent and go to lunch or a meeting. Plus points if you leave your prints in the printer’s printing queue (only you or the IT department can remove them).