Need-Based Raise

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  1. CentralStandard

    Experience has proven to me you still came out on the short end of the diaper…

  2. Lee Jay

    Once I was given a raise I didn’t ask for. The Boss called me into his den, told me he liked how I handled a difficult client, and then said in two weeks there will be a increase in my pay.
    I thanked him. We smiled. Shook hands. Even got a pat on the back as I left.
    Two weeks later and I looked at the bottom line. It didn’t cover the cost of inflation.

  3. quiXote

    At a company I used to work for, we were told that because business was so good we’d all get 5 percent raises… aaaand have to work 5 more hours per week. Something was fishy about that math.

  4. Underpaid

    Anyone have an opinion on the Labor Department’s new paid overtime rule for those salaried employees making under 50k a year? Those 60 hour weeks would have REALLY paid off as an intern.