Vacation Request

Discussion (4)

  1. saganorenmalmo

    My boss has been on holiday since February.

  2. tony

    I’m terrified of what I will see piled up on my desk when I take an extended vacation.

  3. Bob

    You go on vacation, but are you REALLY on vacation? I have my work email connected to my phone. I respond to emails 24/7/365 for work. There is no such thing as vacation, it’s just called working remotely…

    • Dru

      I used to be like you. Drove me crazy. Made it really difficult to enjoy even weekends out of the office. Then I started working for myself and instituted a strict 10am – 3pm contact time policy and haven’t been happier. (I got myself an old phone that works only via wifi for calls so I can leave it at the office and ignore it and I filter emails during off time). The vast majority of my clients and consultants actually respect this. I don’t work on anything as time sensitive as brain surgery so the wait is usually ok.

      I still meet the occasional client for a burger and some beers but that is mostly because some of my clients are actually awesome people who don’t drag work around with them all the time either. Gotta draw a line in the sand and live by it.