Chronicles of the Office IT Guy XXIII

Discussion (5)

  1. SrLnclt

    It is not lost upon me that I’m underpaid both as an architect and as an I.T. guy. –Maverick

    Sounds strangerly familiar – except I’m an engineer.

  2. Tim

    This is why I left one of my employers. The IT part out weighted the architecture part.

  3. kdizzle

    This is one reason I’m extremely grateful for a company that recognizes the necessity of having dedicated resources for IT. Give 50 A/E’s laptops and cellphones and let’s just say, I wouldn’t want their job for any amount of money!!

  4. Jalop

    Or you could be like my employer who hires a people who have no background in IT as their “dedicated” IT crew where our only up to date program is autocad and revit while we’re still working with microsoft office 2000 programs for everything else.

  5. Saga Noren

    I was the IT Manager at one of my previous architects – given the role because I knew how to change the ink cartridges in the plotter. Most of the time was spent adding web-sites of dubious nature to the black list. There were some seriously frustrated technologists by the time I left for pastures new.