Discussion (7)

  1. Josh

    I just did 90 hours in 8 days, so I feel you. At one point I was on two projects that needed me for 40 hrs a week each.

  2. draftmonkey1107

    oh my…. been there!!!

  3. Lee Jay

    Yeah. Wait until you get both of them in the same room.
    - You are not doing enough.
    - Need to organize yourself better.
    - Prioritize.

    Yes, I’m jaded.

    • Arrow

      “If you spent less time complaining and more time working, we wouldn’t need to talk about this”

  4. Anon

    “You need to be more efficient. Your pay rate is higher so you need to draft twice as fast.”
    You’re only on two projects? Feel lucky, I’m on 8 and counting.

  5. Wolf

    Today’s comic seems familiar, didn’t you use this once before?

  6. rekleiner

    our time sheets won’t let us log more than 40 hours, so there is no way to track the other 20 i need to do just to keep somewhat on track