Reviving Old Jobs

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  1. tony

    Try working in the design department of a cemetery developer. Crank out that project – no wait, we don’t need it – why isn’t it done yet – the money has been reallocated elsewhere – aren’t you finished yet – proceed with construction – hold off on the concrete pour while we change our minds again….

    On. Every. Project.

  2. Edward J Shannon

    What’s not reflected in this frustration, is the actual time it takes to get one’s head back into a project. I seriously feel an industry standard “Project Reestablishment Fee” should be tacked on when ever someone wants to drop and then suddenly resurrect a project.

  3. Flit

    Very familiar with pay their bills only when they need something.

  4. Saga Noren

    Who are these people who pay their bills? I worked for an architect who did a massive development for a contractor (Design Build Contract). When the architect asked for the fee to be paid, the contractor said, “Nah, not gonna happen.”
    Architect went bust few months later.

  5. SMF

    1st back of Architect. We design so they can make money at our expense.

  6. SMF