Printing Bitch

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  1. RamaFan

    Our interns get all entitled about it. We’re all busy but they think becase your a project manager that you get to do all the paperwork while also fielding calls, issuing addenda, chasing permits, doing redlines (of their terrible sets) and doing initial project layouts. ‘I don’t normally fill out building department forms!’ They tell me. I tell them it’s a learning experience.

    • Rick

      as a PM, I get to do all of that

    • RamaFan

      Oh, I do too, but with nearly 30 projects in various stages of design, construction, or bidding, I offload as much as possible when I can.

  2. Phlox

    If a man using language like that is so lucky as to be treated like a female dog, he should be grateful. Unprofessional is as unprofessional speaks.

  3. Saga Noren

    I’m a senior architect in a practice with nearly thirty years experience. If my boss asks me for a print off a pdf, I print the pdf and don’t whine about it.

    • CaDirk

      For me it’s just as simple, I’m a draftsman, and the boss knows about the project, I know about the drawings.
      So if he asks, he knows I’ll have the correct file, and he will get the proper print size and have it neatly folded for him as wel.
      It takes less than a minute and everyone is happy.

  4. draftdraft

    pretty much always asked to drafter me -_-’

  5. Srieck

    And, as is typical, the boss seems to have no idea he could have printed a PDF a lot easier than sending it, besides which it was probably already in the project folder anyway.

  6. YesYes

    My favorite is when someone creates the PDF themselves, saves it on the server, gets up, walks past the plotter to tell someone else to print said PDF. Then the person who is told to print the PDF asks, “where is it”, then that person who requested said PDF to be printed has to walk them through the server, throughout all the folders to find it. Super productive.

    • cadmunki

      That’s my favorite too. You and I work in very similar offices.

  7. Fett

    Wow a lot of the Old Guard in here being all, “back in my day…”. By the time it takes to send that PDF, he could’ve sent it to the printer himself.

  8. TCook

    Gotta say, I’ve had my current position about a year. I was happy to find the head bossman can CAD very well, (even if its all single line) and handles most things by himself. Granted I am in a MEP firm on the engineering side of things.