To Succeed In Architecture

Discussion (5)

  1. Random Architect

    “The ability to get the job done fast” and “to execute quickly” are two completely different things. When the ball is in my court, I can execute my work about as quick as anyone I know, however, getting the job done fast is dependent on many factors outside of the Architect’s control. Examples such as getting the Owner to make up their mind, getting all the other design consultants to work together and communicate with each other, getting a plan reviewer who knows what they’re looking at, having the Contractor submit their paperwork in a timely manner, etc. I could make a list with 100 or more ways in which other parties prohibit the job from getting done fast.

    • Saga Noren

      Tell me about it. I’ve been waiting three weeks for the interior designer to choose a timber veneer for the internal doors.
      Maybe next week she says….

  2. Flit

    Both qualities are irrelevant if you are not able to network, or have connections to get the project to begin with. I don’t think we like to say it, but the ability to Bullshit & schmooze is highly underrated. and is a quality I lack.

  3. Greg S

    More simply: The way to make a million in architecture; start with 3 million.

  4. Richard Pierce

    You can have it good, fast, or cheap. Pick two. Applies to the office as well as the client. I used to love my interns and staff that could decide and execute and make it stick. I had a ‘rule’ that whichever consultant wrapped up their work first was also immune from revision requests (unless they were client initiated). You CAN push a project along but it ain’t easy.