Giving Away CAD Files

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  1. Bk31

    We just have the interns trace the ‘free’ pdfs they send us since most are printed using DWG to PDF which keeps all the layer data and are snappable. Though we’re all a-holes here and anytime we send out pdfs to someone who won’t sign our waiver and pay the CAD fee we charge we ‘reprint’ the pdf without all the layer info and essentially make it a raster image…

  2. Steve R

    “Dare to Dream”? While I can see George’s point of view, the first three words that come to mind are “cause for termination.”

  3. raymond

    if your ID dept uses Adobe, my old (really old) copy of Illustrator can be used to export line work in PDF files to CAD. Layers lost, but mostly snappable (circles, arcs and curves turn into splines…) and re-scalable.

  4. Flit

    Why so paranoid about giving away cad files? it’s not like the other firm isn’t going to have to do as-builts anyway, since there were likely changes made during construction that didn’t get documented.

  5. Guy Smiley

    I used to have a lisp routine for packaging cad files… Everything to layer 0, all Xrefs bound, exploded, flattened, making it as unuseable as possible. Or flat, layer free pdfs.

  6. Tim

    Just remember, what goes around comes around. If you are a jerk to someone, they will be a jerk to you when you need their help.

  7. MAL

    This is one part of the industry that I don’t particularly follow. We are supposed to be the first step in a process that leads to the completion of a building or remodel. Many professionals along the way need our plans, many times in CAD. However, we stubbornly refuse to do so.
    If we are worried about copyrights, then add a provision to the contract and send out wavers and copyright notice with the CADs. Its much more effective at stopping others from copying your plans then the current practice, and it has less drama.

    Since when did the end product became the arch drawings and not the building they represent.