Mounting Woes

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  1. ArchAddict

    Ahh!!! So many things wrong with how he’s mounting that
    1) the Board size is the same as sheet size… always go with a bigger board and cut it down.. This lets you do #2
    2) Always start in the center and work your way out!
    3) I don’t see a medieval fort of cardboard surrounding the work-zone to catch the sticky over-spray
    4) He probably didn’t spray both sides so its gonna bubble in like 2 hours anyways
    The most important step!
    5) Call your local printer and tell then to print and permanently mount it and forget steps 1-4

  2. Jason

    Binder clips…. and you get to re-use the foam core board later

  3. Mark Rapp

    Learned an easy method back in the eighties
    1. Lay drawing on Board
    2. Roll up drawing around cardboard tube
    3. Spray mount leading edge of drawing
    4. Position leading edge of board and secure
    5. Spray remainder of board
    6. Roll drawing onto sprayed board

  4. raymond

    SPRAY MOUNT? I’ve had to do that twice since I left Architecture school in the 90′s. Let the printers do it, or do something temporary like binder clips.

  5. SMF

    Yep. Printer can do it for you. And you can invoice it. Who does it like that anymore?

  6. NikonBoston

    Las two firms I worked in, had contracted onsite printshop workers who did this for us.

  7. Anssi


    Use rubber cement or contact adhesive. Spread with a brush on both surfaces. Let dry. Cover the board with scrap paper, leaving a leading edge exposed. Lay drawing on top and secure the leading edge. Slide the scrap paper slowly away from between the surfaces while rubbing the drawing down.

    Method 2

    Use glue sheets and a hot iron.

    Method 3 (best)

    Let a printshop do it