3D Printing

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  1. tony

    I would probably use it for personal projects – the same way I use the regular plotter.

  2. Sofie Gråbøl

    The sort of crap I design has no need of 3D models. They would only serve to highlight the unrelenting horror of it all.

  3. Cooter

    Our office bought one a few years ago. We have only used it one time for an actual paying client. The rest has been freebies or company marketing items. Everyone likes it until we tell them how much it will cost them to make a model and they lose their interest real fast.

    • Fett

      Maybe if we attach “engineer” to the end of our job title they’ll be like : *throws money at you*

  4. Nighthawk


  5. Flit

    again, why have one in house when you can have a shop deal with it. you think plotters are bad..

  6. Kate

    We brought a used ZCorp machine in house a year and a half ago. It has paid for itself and is incredibly efficient. We have not only won projects with the models ( they make powerful leave-behinds after meetings) but our clients regularly pay for the models because they are required now by a lot of Cities for their design review board process. Having it in house has enabled is to make changes right up to the last minute.